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With minimal pressure drop and low sound levels, the SDT controls the volume of conditioned air into an occupied space in response to a thermostat control signal. Incorporation of an airflow sensor allows the SDT to compensate instantly for any change in supply air pressure that might alter the supply volume resulting in a pressure independent variable air volume system.

Extreme Versatility

Available with a multitude of accessories including liners, controls, reheat options and sound attenuators, the SDT is well suited to almost any application. A compact configuration makes this unit easy to use in crowded mechanical spaces for new construction or retrofit projects.

Engineered Performance

The clean and efficient design of this single duct terminal unit results in a system component with minimal pressure drop, reducing fan horsepower requirements and sound generation.

Oversized Casing

Sizes 4 to 16 are available with an optional oversized casing to accommodate larger water coils, which reduces air pressure drop by increasing the face area without sacrificing control of low airflows.

Available Type

  • Single Duct Terminal Units (Pressure Independent)
  • Bypass Terminal Units
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